optimal performance solutions 

OPS are exclusive partners of BeaverFit Australia. 

Our Focus is to provide Organisations and the Humans that are the core of their operational capability better. Better able to deliver the essential mission objectives, better able to physically sustain the operational tempo and better able to manage the cognitive overburden that exists in such chaotic and action driven environments.

  • Conditioning for Strength and Human Performance

Performance, physical, skill acquisition and operational capability, i.e. completing all the foundation skills and core movement patterns together in the Optimal Performance end state.

  • Proactive Health Management

Overall Health, Performance and Health are two very different things, we will teach the difference between them and however to manage both.

  • Mental Health and Combative Mindset

Cognitive Tools, mitigating Cognitive Overburden of modern day operations, how do we manage the post incident state of an operator, how do we get them,‘reset’.

  • Research, Systems, Technology, Capability

Tools to integrate into all the above

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